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About Dabney’s Alignment & Brake

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Located in Vancouver, right off of Fourth Plain, Dabney’s Alignment & Brake is one of the premier locations for alignment and brake repair in the area. We service all sorts of different makes and models, and the quality care you receive here will keep you coming back again and again for future auto repairs. Locally owned and operated, Dabney’s promises efficiency and high-end service, resulting in a positive overall experience for everyone involved.

We have built our business on foundations of trust and strong customer service, which means we do our best to give the best service to each and every customer who walks in the door, no matter the trouble or concern. When it comes to automotive repair, we know a lot of people are suspicious, but Dabney’s is a location you can trust with your car. We’ve been doing quality work for years, and we plan on doing quality work for many years to come.

We will work directly and openly with you, giving you recommendations or suggestions about courses of action to take in regards to your automobile. Our policy is to be as open and honest as possible. We want you to have a good experience while you are here and after the repairs have been completed. Our staff of specialists is trained to handle all sorts of different alignment and brake concerns, meaning whatever you have to throw at us, we will be able to fix it up and get you back on the road. If your car is leaning a little to one side or making strange noises when you brake, give us a call or bring it in and we can get you fixed up today.