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Alignment Vancouver WAAt Dabney’s Alignment & Brake, we offer excellent service that is unrivaled in the Vancouver area. Our employees have years of experience, meaning your vehicle will always be serviced efficiently and with quality care. We take a variety of makes and models, ensuring you will be back on the road with smooth driving andperfect alignment no matter what you drive.

Here at Dabney’s Alignment & Brake, we know that customer service is the most important thing for any business. That is why we treat each customer with honesty and sincerity. We will work with you every step of the way so you know what repairs need to be made and why. We know there are all sorts of automotive alignment and repair shops around the area, and we want to make you feel as welcome as possible so we can build a continuing relationship. With our friendly and honest staff, we hope to be the place you go for alignment in Vancouver WA trouble for years into the future.

It's doesn't just save money - It improves your safety!

If your alignment is off, meaning your car swerves all over the road while you’re driving, or the tires seem to wear down faster than they should, we can get everything straightened out. A proper alignment adjustment can help keep your car going for many years, and help save you money on other costly repairs.

If your brakes are grinding or squealing, let us take a look at them. We have extensive experience with brake repair, and our trained staff is ready to give your car the care it needs to keep you stopping when you need to.

For honest, friendly service at competitive prices, choose Dabney’s Alignment & Brake. We will diagnose your troubles, get them repaired, and get you back on the road before you know it. Give us a call today.

Vehicle Alignment Services

Alignment Vancouver Washington

Faulty Alignment Causes Headaches

Is your vehicle pulling to one side? Does it seem to wander all over the road while you are driving? These problems can be caused by a faulty alignment. Over time, your suspension elements can wear down or become loose, leading to all sorts of problems with your vehicle’s overall performance. Poor alignment can also be caused by various road conditions, including potholes, rough or damaged roads, and even curbs. If you often drive over severe road conditions, have your alignment checked regularly to avoid common problems. At Dabney’s Alignment and Brake, we can make sure your alignment stays even and continues to give you a smooth ride.If your vehicle is suffering from poor alignment, your tires will take a beating as well. Your tires may hit the road at weird angles, resulting in uneven wear that can force you to go through tires much too quickly. Check the tread on your tires often, and record how was wear they experience over time. If the wearing is uneven or your tires seem to go down too quickly, you could be having alignment trouble. Bring your vehicle into Dabney’s to have it inspected today. We offer full inspections that reveal any wear and aging related issues. We can also recommend proper courses of action that will result in your car performing at a high level once again.

How Does Vehicle Alignment Work?

An alignment measurement consists of four different parts. Each part is essential to guaranteeing a proper maintenance job. We will look at caster first, which is essential to the steering performance and the stability of your vehicle at higher speeds. When you steer your car, the wheels work on a pivot to respond. The caster is the angle of that pivot. Each tire should have an equal measurement when it comes to caster to ensure the weight of your vehicle is distributed evenly.Camber is comparable to caster, but determines if the tires are angled forward or backward. Camber is important to tires, as it can factor into how quickly tires wear down and need to be replaced. If your tires all have different camber settings, your vehicle will pull to a specific side while you are driving. Each tire should be equal in camber so the vehicle can drive straight.Toe settings compare the front of the car and the rear of the car. You want your vehicle set at zero or parallel toe so your front wheels don’t pull towards each other on the road.Ride height is the fourth and final measurement, and it is exactly what it sounds like. It determines how close your vehicle’s frame is to the ground. This is a good reference point that can help determine what the other measurements should be. Even a slight modification to your ride height mean that other aspects of your alignment need to be adjusted.If your alignment is causing you problems, bring your vehicle into Dabney’s today and have us give it a proper measurement to determine what your needs are. Our friendly staff and experienced can give your vehicle the proper service and have you back on the road in no time.