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Welcome to Dabney’s Alignment & Brake! We provide Automotive Services for Wheel Alignment, Brake Repair, and Differential Repair in Vancouver, WA. We offer excellent service that is unrivaled in the Vancouver area. Our employees have years of experience, meaning your vehicle will always be serviced efficiently and with quality care. We take a variety of makes and models, ensuring you will be back on the road with smooth driving and working brakes no matter what you drive.

Here at Dabney’s, we know that customer service is the most important thing for any business. That is why we treat each customer with honesty and sincerity. We will work with you every step of the way so you know what repairs need to be made and why. We know there are all sorts of automotive repair shops around the area, and we want to make you feel as welcome as possible so we can build a continuing relationship. With our friendly and honest staff, we hope to be the place you go for alignment and brake trouble for years into the future.

If your alignment is off, meaning your car swerves all over the road while you’re driving, or the tires seem to wear down faster than they should, we can get everything straightened out. A proper alignment adjustment can help keep your car going for many years, and help save you money on other costly repairs.

If your brakes are grinding or squealing, let us take a look at them. We have extensive experience with brake repair, and our trained staff is ready to give your car the care it needs to keep you stopping when you need to.

For honest, friendly service at competitive prices, choose Dabney’s Alignment & Brake. We will diagnose your troubles, get them repaired, and get you back on the road before you know it.


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